JURNAL LAPORAN ABDIMAS RUMAH ILMIAH https://www.jlari.org/index.php/jlari <p>Jurnal Laporan Pengabdian Masyarakat</p> Muharika Rumah Ilmiah en-US JURNAL LAPORAN ABDIMAS RUMAH ILMIAH 2774-2350 Psychometric Test of Entrepreneurship Training Participants Smart Entrepreneur Model on Community Service Entrepreneurship Development Program Scheme https://www.jlari.org/index.php/jlari/article/view/41 <p><em>Entrepreneurial character is what determines entrepreneurial actions and behavior. It is important to form a successful mind set in the character of a superior 21st century entrepreneur as the first step in building success in entrepreneurship. The measurement of the entrepreneurial index which contains 9 superior entrepreneurial characteristics in the 21st century is the initial (pretest) and final (pretest) step in the implementation phase of the Smart Entrepreneur Model (SEM) entrepreneurship training model. The psychometric measurement of this test was carried out to determine the increase in the entrepreneurial character of each trainee after the SEM entrepreneurship training was carried out. The number of training participants as training partners is 30 PMW recipient students, the data analysis method uses quantitative data, the data is obtained through filling out the SEM entrepreneurship index instrument. The results of the PKM activities that have been carried out have succeeded in increasing the entrepreneurial character of the participants from the medium category to the very high category. It is hoped that to achieve the entrepreneurial skills of the 21st century, students are important to change the mindset of successful entrepreneurs through SEM training.</em></p> Muharika Dewi Nuraeni Dahri Novrianti Achyar Raimon Efendi Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL LAPORAN ABDIMAS RUMAH ILMIAH 2022-07-31 2022-07-31 3 1 1 6 Maize Cultivation Management Socialization to Increase Harvest Production Quantity and Quality https://www.jlari.org/index.php/jlari/article/view/37 <p><em>This community service activity aims to provide socialization to the corn farmer community in maximizing corn cultivation in Padang Pariaman Regency, especially corn farmers in the Sungai Sariak village who are still having problems in the management of corn cultivation. Obstacles faced by farmers are the quality of corn yields, which are not dense, and not large in size, and the quantity of corn that yields is still small. In addition, the Principal of Junior High School 40 Padang at the same time also wanted to cultivate this corn on his school's plantation. It also requires good knowledge of the junior high school students to learn corn entrepreneurship from an early age and improve their numeracy through gardening. Cultivation of corn plants in order to increase the quantity and quality of the farmers' crop yields by increasing the area of ​​the plant media, selecting superior varieties, maintaining plants, providing sufficient fertilizer, and adjusting the ideal spacing. The service method carried out is in the form of socialization with the stages divided into 4 (four) stages, namely the preparation stage, implementation stage, program evaluation stage, and reporting stage. The result of the socialization activity is an increase in knowledge and skills that are getting better in managing this corn cultivation, namely the average increase is 50%.</em></p> Devi Edriani Masrizal Masrizal Hamidah Rahim Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL LAPORAN ABDIMAS RUMAH ILMIAH 2022-07-31 2022-07-31 3 1 7 12 Ecopaliko Nagari BukikLimbuku MSME Business Empowerment Based on Eco-friendly Technology and Fashion Through Ecoprint https://www.jlari.org/index.php/jlari/article/view/38 <p><em>The Handicraft Industry become favored by people living in areas that have tourism potential, such as Payakumbuh City and Limapuluh Kota Regency. The purpose of this activity is to provide an understanding of ecoprint technology in the fashion world, apply quality control to products before spread to the market. The method used is the socialization method, application design, training and mentoring as well as simulation and evaluation. The partner group in this PKM program is Usaha EcoPaliko. In this case, partners have important role in providing information about the problems they currently face, namely the many obstacles faced by this group of partners with disabilities in introducing or publishing and marketing the products of their business. The participation of partners in this activity is high because their expectations for the outcome of this activity are very high. After 8 months of program implementation, an evaluation will be held to determine the sustainability of this program. It is hoped that at the end of the program the partner group will be more independent in using this website. The results of the activity resulted in an increase in production capacity, an increase in product quality, better product quality standards, and standards</em></p> Rasidah Nasrah Agriqisthi Agriqisthi Lili Wahyuni Copyright (c) 2022 JURNAL LAPORAN ABDIMAS RUMAH ILMIAH 2022-07-31 2022-07-31 3 1 13 18